A Girl & Her Blanket

I’ve made a lot of things in the decades that I’ve been crafting. I could never have imagined that the most important would be a simple quilt that I whipped up in a few minutes when I was pregnant with my daughter to save some money on my nursery decor.

I don’t even remember where I bought the Winnie the Pooh crib quilt panel that I used. I just know that it worked with the yellow paint on the walls and with the other Pooh items that we had bought. I didn’t worry too much about durability when I was making it. The quilt was just intended to be mostly a decorative item.

Baby Bridget and Blanket

But somewhere along the way, something happened. The quilt that I had so casually whipped up ceased to be just a quilt and became “Blanket”. Blanket with a capital B – Bridget’s buddy, her security lovey.

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Visiting Musée Yves Saint Laurent in Paris

Nobody’s ever accused me of being a fashionista. But if you are, or just like me are an aficionado of fashion history, there’s a new museum in Paris that should be on your must-do list: Musée Yves Saint Laurent. This small new addition to the Paris museum scene is the first museum in Paris devoted to

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Make An Easy Scrapbook Layout in 15 Minutes!

I really love using paper strips in my scrapbook layouts. They make it easy to fill space, create lines, and create movement on a page. With a few stickers, they are even all you need to make a simple layout! The current project that I have underway to reorganize my photos (more on that soon!)

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How To Adapt A Digital Scrapbooking Template

I use templates when making a lot of my digital scrapbook layouts. To me, a template is a tool no different than any other that I use for creating. Often, my finished layout bears little resemblance to the original template. My creations might seem random, but I actually have a pretty standard workflow for how

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Top Things To Do To Get Ready For A Hurricane

Laying in supplies (like I talked about yesterday) isn’t the only thing we need to do to get ready for a hurricane. There are lots of thing that we can do around our homes – both way in advance and as a storm approaches – to prepare for a storm that will keep us safer

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Top 10 Things to Buy as a New Hurricane Prepper

As I began to research getting started with hurricane preparedness, I quickly became pretty overwhelmed. The lists on official government sites were huge and there are so many things to do. How do I know where to start when I have limited storage space and limited budget? I finally realized – after going down a

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Are You Prepared For A Hurricane?

June 1st is the official start of hurricane season, but we’ve already gotten a taste of what is to come this past weekend. Sub-tropical storm Alberto has kicked the hurricane season off with an early warning shot, soaking much of the southeast with rain and even causing several deaths. It’s almost like Mother Nature thought

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Graphic 45 National Scrapbook Day Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to all our readers who entered our National Scrapbook Day giveaway! Thank you to Graphic 45 for sharing your beautiful products with Chasing Dust Bunnies readers! Renee T. is the lucky winner of the gorgeous Floral Shoppe collection kit! Please check your email inbox for details on how to collect your prize! [Disclosure: The

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