My Story

Hi, I’m Nancy! Do you ever feel like you live in a different world from most lifestyle bloggers? Me too. The only thing that is fashionably gray around here is the dust. I’ve often wondered, while browsing Pinterest and searching Google, where is the blog for people like me?

Finally, I decided to write it myself, and that’s how Chasing Dust Bunnies was born.

I live in Northeast Florida with my husband Mike and our teenage daughter Bridget. Mike and I traded blizzards for hurricanes when we moved here from Michigan in 2000. We’re still deciding if that was a good deal or not! Our home is busy (and crowded), because we homeschool our daughter and work from home. We’re also dealing with the special challenges of dealing with a child who has both developmental and medical issues, since Bridget has autism and juvenile arthritis.

There’s always at least a half-dozen unfinished projects waiting for attention around here. I’m constantly working on organizing something. I love to scrapbook, sew, and create painted crafts. (Direct quote from Mike: “You’re always waiting for paint to dry!”) In my spare time – all ten minutes of it – I love watching historical documentaries and stand-up comedy on Netflix. Spending four years of my childhood living in Wales nurtured a love of travel that endures to this day.

So welcome, and come along and chase some dust bunnies with me!