25 Calendar Gifts Under $15 for European Travelers

It’s holiday gift shopping time, and that means we all need gift ideas! If you have a traveler on your list, I’m here today with 25 calendar gifts under $15 for European travelers that will solve your shopping headache!

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25 calendar gifts under $15 for European travelers

Calendars make great gifts for that office exchange, extended family members, or anyone who “has everything” that you don’t know what to give! Choosing a theme you know your calendar’s recipient will really enjoy is what makes the gift personal. Plus, it’s an item they’ll use frequently and they’ll be reminded of you every time they look at it!

Best of all, calendars are very affordable gifts, especially when you select from our under $15 list. Having a small budget doesn’t mean you can’t give a thoughtful gift that your loved one will enjoy all year!

A few specific criteria were used when selecting these calendars. First, of course, they had to have fabulous photography. No one wants to stare at an ugly calendar all year! Second, they had to be under $15 in price, because calendars should be an affordable gift. Third, usability was a factor. I looked for grids of a usable size to write in, and that meant the calendar had to be a pretty large size. All of these are right around 12″ by 12″ in size, give or take a few tenths.

2020 Castles Calendar by Willow Creek Press

Nothing says “Europe” quite like castles! This Willow Creek Press calendar features photos of mighty castles from all over Europe (and a few outside of Europe, too). From famous castles like Neuschwanstein and Windsor to less recognizable facades, these historic fortresses span medieval times and the Renaissance. This calendar is the perfect gift for a history-loving traveler who can’t confine their passion for Europe to a single country!

2020 Austria Calendar by Bright Day

The hills are alive in this calendar featuring the many charms of Austria! From tiny mountain villages to Austria’s history-infused cities, it’s all here in rich color and breathtaking detail. In January, this calendar starts out with a lush wildflower meadow in the mountains – just the cure for those short days and snowbanks!

2020 Prague & Bohemia Calendar by BrownTrout

Steeped in the unique character of these regions of the Czech Republic, this 2020 calendar from Brown Trout is printed with eco-friendly soy ink on sustainable materials. Seasonally appropriate photography lends a transporting immediacy to the images. This multi-lingual calendar is a great gift for a traveler who likes to go places slightly off the main tourist trail.

2020 France Calendar by Bright Day

France is a country of many contrasts, and this calendar captures the full scope of them! From the soaring mountains of the Alps to the sparkling lights of Paris’ Champs-Élysées, there’s a little something for fans of every part of France. Give this gift to a Francophile who can’t decide on a favorite part of their favorite country!

2020 Paris Calendar by TF Publishing

If you know someone who’d rather be in Paris…this calendar is for them! Unlike many Paris-themed calendars, this one includes both iconic sites like the Eiffel Tower and lower tier sites – like Galleries Lafayette, a Metro sign, Pont Alexandre III and Luxembourg Gardens – all held in high affection by Paris devotees. For anyone not familiar with a specific sight, the sights are identified on their calendar pages.

2020 A Parisian Life Calendar by Graphique

Paris definitely lends itself to whimsy, and this calendar by Graphique offers a stylized, artsy look at Paris’s sights and architecture. Although it features two partial images of the Eiffel Tower, for the most part the photos in A Parisian Life are of more everyday street scenes and life in Paris.

2020 Provence Calendar by Graphique

If you’re looking for something more country than city, Graphique has also put its special photographic touch on the southern French beauty of the Provence countryside. With rolling lavender fields, warm stone buildings and sun-baked flowers, this Provence calendar will leave your favorite Francophile yearning for the warm southern climes of their favorite destination!

2020 Patisserie Calendar by Graphique

Does your favorite Francophile have a sweet tooth? If so, this calendar will keep their mouth watering all year long with a different French patisserie treat featured each month! There’s tartes, mousse, petit fours along with plenty of other delicious-looking things I don’t know the names for. And of course, don’t forget the macarons!

2020 Germany Calendar by Turner

From the sacred beauty of Köln cathedral to the charm of Bavarian villages, there’s a lot packed into this Germany calendar by Turner Licensing. And for those unfamiliar with all of these fantastic sights, each page is labeled with its location! Whether your favorite European traveler has fond memories of a past trip, or is planning a future trip, these images of Germany will bring joy.

2020 Greece Calendar by Bright Day

Famous as both the birthplace of western civilization and a place for holidaying in the sun, Greece has plenty to offer – and it’s all here in this 2020 calendar by Bright Day! The Parthenon and other ancient ruins grace the calendar’s pages along with beautiful images of the country’s coastline and vacation destinations like Mykonos and Santorini.

2020 Irish Country Calendar by Ziga

The soothing green of the Irish countryside features in this calendar by Ziga. Lush pastures (including a few requisite sheep and cows), ancient stone circles, and harbors full of colorful fishing boats will have your calendar’s recipient packing their bags! Each page includes a whole paragraph of information about the area the photo was taken – a great resource for travel planning!

2020 Italy Calendar by Gifted Stationery

Italy is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, and this calendar includes all of the tourist highlights: Rome, Lake Como, Venice, Portofino, Florence, Pompeii, and more! It’s like a 12 month tour of the best of Italy, and the photography is as spectacular as the sights pictured.

2020 Rome Calendar by Bright Day

There may be centuries of history in Rome, but this calendar covers the highlights in only twelve beautiful months! From the Colosseum to narrow old streets with vine-covered walls, these images transport the viewers across thousands of miles (and centuries). This eco-friendly calendar is multilingual and includes international holidays on its large date grid.

2020 Venice Calendar by BrownTrout

This 2020 calendar literally glows, between the orange sunsets, gilded embellishments on boats and buildings, and a brilliant red & orange Mardi Gras dancer. And it hits all the highlights of Italy’s city of canals for tourists: Grand Canal, Rialto, San Giorgio, the Bridge of Sighs, St. Mark’s, and so much more!

2020 Tuscany Calendar by Graphique

Is “Under the Tuscan Sun” your giftees’ idea of heaven in Italy? This Graphique calendar captures the sunny warmth of Tuscan fields and vineyards, rustic stone houses, and acres of flowers! It also pictures some views of Tuscany’s famous Renaissance cities, including Florence.

2020 Tulip Time Calendar by Willow Creek

What’s more synonymous with the Netherlands than spring tulips? This “Tulip Time” calendar by Willow Creek lets people enjoy a profusion of tulips all through the year. A variety of different types of tulips, in a brilliant range of colors, makes this calendar a cheerful addition to any office or kitchen.

2020 Spain Calendar by Turner

This 2020 Spain calendar from Turner takes the viewer on a tour of Spain’s tourist sites throughout the year. There’s the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean coast, the genius of Gaudi, and centuries of history. All of it is brought together with the beauty of Spain’s natural world like palm trees, and flowering vines.

2020 Barcelona Calendar by Brown Trout

If a taste of Barcelona in a Spain calendar just isn’t enough for your favorite European traveler, check out this Barcelona calendar by Brown Trout for year-long immersion! From Sagrada Familia to the La Rambla, it’s got all of Barcelona’s hot spots. And it’s eco-friendly too because it’s printed with soy ink on sustainable materials!

2020 Switzerland Calendar by Bright Day

Switzerland may be famously neutral, but your recipient won’t be neutral about this calendar! The natural beauty of Switzerland is on full display in this 2020 calendar from Bright Day. Soaring mountains and cool blue lakes are interspersed with images of quaint towns.

2020 England Calendar by Turner

Your favorite Anglophile will love this 2020 England calendar from Turner. It includes London favorites like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, along with lush green countryside, Stonehenge, and crumbling castles! It’s a full dose of English goodness!

2020 A Walk In London Calendar by Willow Creek

This isn’t just a calendar – it’s a guidebook too, with an included map guide for a city walk in London’s Westminster neighborhood! (If you find this unique concept intriguing, there’s also similar calendars available for Paris, Rome, New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco.) This calendar is also unique in another way, being one of the few travel calendars I found in my research that featured interior images of famous sights. It takes you inside sights as diverse as Westminster Abbey, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Harrods Tea Room and the Churchill War Rooms for a true tour of London!

2020 Scotland Calendar by National Geographic

This calendar features the famously epic photography of the talented folks at National Geographic, and purchasing it is more than just a great gift – it supports their important work as well. Shot in National Geographic’s signature lush, deep photographic style, the calendar ranges from the Scottish highlands to the country’s ancient stone circle relics.

2020 Cotswolds Calendar by Pulteney

When most people picture the postcard perfect English village, what they are really thinking of is the Cotswolds region. This calendar highlights some of the most famous of the region’s villages like Castle Combe in their full spring and summer glory.

2020 English Cottages Calendar by BrownTrout

The country cottage is quintessentially English, and even better if it has a thatched roof! This calendar features a different cozy cottage each month (a few with bonus garden beauty to enjoy as well) for the whole year. The lovely muted green and brown palette of this calendar will look great with almost any decor.

2020 English Gardens Calendar by Brown Trout

The signature style of the English garden is admired and copied worldwide. This calendar provides 12 gorgeous examples (plus a bonus one) photographed at the height of their summer perfection to enjoy all year long. From national parks to the gardens of stately homes, these English beauties will wow!

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