5 Places for Edible Souvenirs in Savannah

Most of us love to souvenir shop while on vacation, but we don’t love the clutter when we get home. And often we want to buy gifts for the petsitter, a neighbor who watched the house, or a family member. Edible souvenirs are the perfect solution, and one I frequently shop for while traveling! On our recent trip, we dropped by these 5 places for edible souvenirs in Savannah.

Byrd Cookie Company


Byrds Savannah Georgia

Byrd has been family owned since its founding in Savannah in 1924. Today, the company has two Historic District locations, as well as two elsewhere in Savannah and two in Charleston.

Byrds Savannah Georgia

Can’t decide which of the yummy looking bite-sized cookies you want to take home? At the stores’ famous cookie bar, you can try a sample to help decide which you like best! My daughter loved checking out all of the samples and then decided to try out the chocolate chip cookie.

Don’t forget to try the company’s legendary Key Lime Cooler, which was the first cookie to ever win Dessert of the Year at the National Food Association’s Fancy Food Show!

Byrds Savannah Georgia

Once you decide on a cookie (or cookies) to take home, you can head on over to the wall of cookies. There, you can select from a variety of ways to take the cookies home, including beautiful decorative tins you can enjoy after the cookies are long gone! My daughter settled on a 16oz bag of (what else?) chocolate chip, which she enjoyed for days after we got home as a treat!

The Salt Table


For souvenirs for the gourmet cook, pop into The Salt Table. Just off Broughton Street (the main Historic District shopping street) on Barnard Street, this small boutique is filled with a plethora of specialty herbs, spices, sugars, and salts. I thought I wasn’t going to get my gourmet cook husband (who usually hates shopping) out of this place!

The Salt Table Savannah Georgia

All the products are grown, blended and packaged locally according to co-founder Carol Legasse’s recipes. Looking for something new to you? All of their unique infused sugars, infused salts, and spice blends can be sampled in the store.

In addition to their gourmet food products, The Salt Table also sells Georgia wines by the bottle as well as other local specialty foods. If you’d like to take home a real taste of Savannah…you’ll find it here!

The Savannah Bee Company


Behind this quirky, unassuming door on Broughton Street, you’ll find another delight for gourmet food fans. Savannah Bee, founded in 2002 by beekeeper Ted Dennard, is known to many from its appearances on the shelves of Dean & Deluca, Williams-Sonoma, and other stores. In 2008, the company opened its own flagship store in Savannah.

Savannah Bee Company

Visitors to Savannah Bee are greeted by an entire wall of single source artisanal honey options. Varieties such as Tupelo, Wildflower, and Orange Blossom mean there is a honey for every palate!

Savannah Bee Company

In addition to jars of pure honey, Savannah Bee offers yummy looking options such as whipped honey – perfect for putting on your toast or in your tea!

Savannah Bee Company

Honey isn’t just tasty, though. It’s also been long recognized for its cleansing and moisturizing effects on the skin. At Savannah Bee, skincare fanatics will find a whole range of natural cleansers, soaps, lotions, salves, and lip balms made from the company’s honey and beeswax.

We left this time with just a gift for a family member but I look forward to visiting again and bringing some Savannah honey home for myself next time!

The Paris Market


In the Historic District of Savannah you can get a taste of another beautiful historic city – Paris – at the aptly named Paris Market and Brocante.

The Paris Market

This place was top of my wish list to visit in Savannah, because I’d heard great things about it in a Paris travel group on Facebook. Inside this historic storefront on Broughton Street hides a two level wonderland for Francophiles: perfume & skincare, Marseille soap, home furnishings & decor, stationery, and more.

The Paris Market Savannah

For those looking for edible souvenirs (or wanting to occupy the kids while they shop with all the breakables), there’s an old-fashioned style candy bar right next to the store’s main entrance. Here, visitors can fill bags with pieces of old fashioned “penny” candy that is dispensed from jars that sit on a gorgeous antique green credenza.

The Paris Market

But the candy bar is just the opening act to The Paris Market’s real edible attraction. The cafe (seen in the background, above) in a small corner of the shop serves coffee, pastries, sandwiches…and the feature attraction, absolutely heavenly macarons. That’s one souvenir from our trip that I admit didn’t make it home!

Woof Gang Bakery


Don’t forget the furry members of the family when shopping for your edible souvenirs! Since we don’t have a dog we didn’t stop by this one, but it seemed these shops were everywhere while we were touring the city. With four locations in the Historic District (including River Street, City Market & Bull Street) you’re never far from a Woof Gang Bakery to pick up some yummy puppy treats for your four-legged friends!


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One of Woof Gang Bakery’s specialties are seasonal treats – like these special treats for Savannah’s biggest holiday of the year, St. Patrick’s Day!

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If you’re traveling with your pet (or need to beg forgiveness for leaving them behind at home), Woof Gang Bakery is the place to go!

5 Place for Edible Souvenirs in Savannah

What are your favorite places to go for edible souvenirs in Savannah? Do you have different types of edible souvenirs you like to look for? Share in the comments! 

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