Throw An Easy Royal Wedding Tea Party Breakfast!

The most important element of any party is food. A tea party is the perfect theme for a royal wedding watch party – but traditionally English tea is in the afternoon. The solution is a royal wedding tea party breakfast. With this party plan, you can enjoy a tea party theme, while providing your guests a breakfast nosh they’ll appreciate during the 7am wedding (or even earlier depending on your time zone!)

To get all the recipes you see mentioned below, plus more royal wedding tea party breakfast menu and decor ideas, follow our royal wedding tea party breakfast Pinterest board!

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Royal Wedding Tea Party Breakfast

The key to creating a tea party breakfast is a menu of bite-sized finger foods. Of course, no one wants to be doing major party cooking at 5am (when our watch party will probably start on the east coast) so the menu needs to be easy and full of things that can be prepared ahead. And, of course, we want to throw this party without breaking the budget!

Tea Party Scones

Our royal tea party breakfast menu starts with an English tea classic that’s great any time of day: scones. You could make these, but our local Publix bakery offers them for only $2.99 for a package of eight. So we are buying them pre-made, and checking this item off the list with no stress and without breaking the budget!

Muffin Mix

One thing that we can save a lot of money baking ourselves, however, is the mini muffins! These are perfect for a tea party breakfast, and so easy (and tasty) to make with a mix. We saved at least 50% making these ourselves with Krusteaz mixes and were able to put them in pretty muffin papers that coordinated with our party decor!

Mini Muffins

We made three different flavors of muffins, giving us plenty for a party of six, plus some to send home afterwards. Of course the muffins can be prepped the day before and still be fresh, but if you like them warm you can pop them in the oven for a few minutes to warm them back up the morning of the party.

Of course, you can’t have scones and muffins without jam and other goodies to eat them with! My husband Mike, who is mostly the cook around here, decided to use an easy freezer jam recipe to make his own jam for the party.It only uses three ingredients: strawberries (fresh or frozen), sugar, and freezer pectin.

Freezer Jam Ingredients

The result was a yummy, fresh-from-the-garden tasting jam that looks beautiful on the table with an extra strawberry sliced into it as garnish.

In addition to the jam, we also made some honey butter for our muffins and scones. (Use real European style butter for a touch of authentic flair!)

Freezer Strawberry Jam

Of course, as yummy as all those carbs are, we need to get some protein in our breakfast too! How did we do that in a bite size? We made mini quiches using mini fillo shells using a recipe from Cathy at Lemon Tree Dwelling.

Mini Quiche Ingredients

To make the recipe a bit more English, we added leek and swapped pre-cooked ham pieces in place of the bacon. These can be partially made ahead by prepping the egg filling the night before the party so it is all ready to pour into the shells the morning of the party. Just add some of the cheese, ham and leek to a shell, pour the pre-made egg mix in, and bake! The results taste as good as they look!

Mini Quiches

The other key element of breakfast besides eggs (at least here in the south) is hashbrowns and sausage. We found a recipe from Plain Chicken for bite-sized Sausage & Hashbrown BallsSausage Hashbrown Ball Ingredients

These balls bake up crispy for a great finger food, and are the perfect companion to the mini quiches. Even better, this recipe can be made ahead and then the uncooked balls can be frozen. The frozen balls can go directly in the oven for quick and easy early morning party prep!

Sausage Hashbrown Ball

Berries and cream are an English tea party classic. They are also a perfect addition to our royal wedding tea party breakfast, and it happens to be berry season right now! I mixed blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries for our tea party.  Not only are they delicious, but they also look great on the table!

Berries and Cream

Instead of the traditional clotted cream to go with the berries, Mike made a Devonshire cream similar to this recipe from Smashed Peas & Carrots. It’s way quicker to make, and can be made the day ahead. It looks lovely on the table garnished with a few berries!

Tea Party Cheesecake Before

Finally…what’s a wedding without a cake? The early morning hour for the wedding here in the U.S. makes a regular cake seem a bit out of place. But I wanted to have something on the table that was cake-like and sweet! I finally found the perfect compromise – a cheesecake! This one from the Walmart bakery is pre-sliced into slices small enough to give just a taste of sweet after breakfast. And it’s easy to wrap up on plates to send home for later with my party attendees.

Tea Party Cheesecake After

The plain cheesecake didn’t exactly look festive or royal though, so I fixed it with a few additions. First, I added a liberal sprinkling of gold sugar sprinkles to add some gold sparkle to my cheesecake. Then, to carry the berry theme from other areas of the tea party breakfast menu, I embellished the center with a few extra berries. It only took about two minutes to take my cheesecake from boring to beautiful!

Royal Wedding Tea

Since our small table is just big enough to hold the food, we’re serving drinks from the counter nearby. I suggest orange juice, coffee, and the official Royal Wedding Tea produced by Harney & Sons under license from the Historic Royal Palaces. It was created for the wedding of Prince William in 2011, but would definitely be an appropriate brew to celebrate Prince Harry’s wedding as well!

Royal Wedding Tea Party Breakfast

This easy and affordable royal wedding tea party breakfast will satisfy the appetites of your Harry & Meghan fans – and let you see the wedding instead of being stuck in the kitchen cooking! So hop on over to our Pinterest board, grab all the recipes, and start planning your own royal wedding tea party breakfast!

Royal Wedding Tea Party Breakfast

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Easy Royal Wedding Tea Party Breakfast

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