A Spring Garage Organization Progress Update

It’s May already and only three weeks until our self-imposed June 1st deadline for our garage organization project! (If you missed my previous post about planning this project, you can read it here.) How are we doing? Is the garage organized?

Garage Organization Progress Update

Well, to be honest, the garage is not as organized as we’d like it to be by now. But we are making progress. And we’re going to have keep moving on the project because the next few weeks will most likely start the process of getting the hurricane shutters on the house. We will have to find somewhere to put those shutters pretty quickly!

Let’s focus on the positive for a moment, though! We haven’t seen that new bare patch of the garage floor in, well, years! That open space came about because we moved out some of the most challenging items in the garage: furniture. We were able to arrange for a huge load of the furniture that had been in the garage to be picked up to go to a garage sale to benefit a local cat rescue group that one of my friends does a lot of work with. That made me really happy to support a great local charity and take a big step forward on our clean-out!

In addition to the furniture leaving, we have taken several loads to the local Goodwill drop-off. And some stuff went out to the trash like extra packing materials that I was hoarding, some yard and household stuff, etc.

Unfortunately a few more things accumulated out in the garage as we’ve worked on some organizing projects in the house (you’ll hear about one of those soon). Two steps forward, one step back?

Garage Organization Progress Update

So what’s next? Well, I’m going to cheat and say moving out the exercise bike. Because that already happened, after the picture above was taken! It is now back in the house after we figured out a way to fit it into the bedroom.

Another thing coming back into the house is some of the baskets of silk ivy plants. I had retired them from our huge plant shelves because I wasn’t happy with the way that they looked, and they’ve been sitting in the garage ever since. But one of the upsides of procrastinating about disposing of things is that sometimes I figure out how to use them again. I think I have a plan that will decorate help fill up the half-empty kitchen plant shelf with those ivy plants that I’ll be happy with.

In the near future we’ll also make a run to the county hazardous waste disposal to drop off a load of old computer gear that has accumulated. That will be a huge pile of useless junk gone from the back of the garage! Plus we need to take a few more loads to Goodwill.

Once we complete those basics with the garage organization, we need to tackle purging the shelves around the garage’s edge now that we can get to them better. There’s some purging and a whole lot of organizing to do there.

I was thinking that I was trying to get the garage all ready before the shutters get here. But the more that I think about it, I think I want to get it all purged and then once I see the shutters (and how much room they will take up) organize around them. I don’t want to get it all perfect and then have to redo it because I didn’t allow enough room for the shutters! Something tells me, looking at this mess, that I have plenty to keep me busy out there until the shutters come in any event.

One step at a time, we’ll get this garage organization done! The garage is already so much more usable with the stuff we’ve removed so far. I can’t wait for it to be completed!

Garage Organization Progress

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