Isn’t this blog number three?

Chasing Dust Bunnies

If you’ve come here because you’re a reader of one of my craft blogs, you’re probably thinking “doesn’t she already have two other blogs?”

Yes, yes I do.

Which leads to question number two: why on earth would I want another blog?

It is, admittedly, a question that I have wrestled with myself. But what it comes down to is that my life is not all about crafts. There are topics that I am passionate about that simply don’t fit on my other sites. Like what it is like to be a work-at-home homeschooling mom to an autistic teenager with serious medical issues. And exploring the world on my various travels. And then there is the process of trying to refresh a 15 year old starter house that is bursting at the seams and showing its age to hold a family with a teenager and a business.

That’s isn’t to say this blog will be a craft-free zone. Not all of my crafting fits within the pretty specific missions of Scrapbook Update and Craft Critique. So this blog will be the home where I can share the things I make because I want to, not because it is my job.

But what is more important than what you’ll find here is what you won’t find here: a picture perfect family who has it all together. I am a plus sized t-shirt and blue jeans (ok, let’s be real – sweatpants) kind of girl. I’ve forgotten to feed the cat enough times that she has attention-getting tantrums down to an art. My favorite desk organization system can best be described as piles. My signature recipe is…well, to be totally honest I can’t remember the last time I did anything most people would call real cooking.

Bottom line: My home – and my life – is messy. But I don’t mind if you don’t. So, come along and chase some dust bunnies with me.

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